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Quartzsite, AZ

The Quartzsite Shows:
34th Annual Sports, Vacation and RV Show Jan 21st thru 29th
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           Gem Show                    UTV on tough trails          Art work on the rock, 
                                                                                      Who did it? Indians? 
Proof of Action (No Blah)

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Prefer to stay at RV Park
Sold out for 88 Shades RV Park
575 West Main St, Quartzsite, AZ
Phone: 928-927-6336

 Next to RV Park
Holiday Palms RV Park
355 W Main, Quartzsite, AZ 85346
(928) 927-5666

Make a reservation(at least 5 days to stay)
on December 1 or later but will be sold out fast

Both D3 and SCDC will be there.

At Quartzsite shows will have from January 19 to 29. Rocky Finley will find a site for us a few days before January 19 that come with no hook up on the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). He is our Wagon master for this event. Come and enjoy with us. Let us know who is coming. Rocky will reserve on same site. Some of us staying there for few weeks but you guys may stay there for a day or a weekend or so. Some of them stay in some motels nearby the camp out. Make sure to bring the generator and portable toilet if you want to stay in your tent. Quartzsite town is not far from the camp out.    BRING your ATV,UTV or any ADULT 4 X 4 TOYS. Rocky will be our guider.


Stay on I-10 till we enter the town of Quartzsite, Take exit 19 and turn right onto Dome Rock Rd E/Riggles Ave, Continue to follow Riggles Ave, turn left at Kuehn St. Continue straight onto Dome Rock Rd E till you see the yellow cone where you need to turn right and drive on the dirt and see next yellow cone. Yellow cones help you to guide where the site will be.

Stay on that road till you see I-10 nearby until
you see a Yellow cone

and tripod sign (below)

SCDC sign  and D3 sign
and look for Signs on the right BLM site. 


Campsite is free because of BLM, away from vendors

Please bring some woods for fire


Please don't ask the owner of ATV, UTV, Sandrail, Jeep or any vehicle to ride or drive.
Thank you!

More info, contact Paul T. Stefurak, webmaster

Who Will Go? List
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Campers' names:
  Paul Stefurak
  Tom Garro / Maryann Romano
  John & Socorro Barber
  Rocky and Marlene
  Crazy Ed Broeker and Joyce Lovell
  Roy and Irma Cruz
  Ed and Julia Sugg
  Larry and Karen Whitwortyh
  Larry and Karen Whitworth
  Phil and Lisa Hawkins
  Skippy and brenda mangum
  Kirk and Cheryl Mueller
  Scott & Alma Butler

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