June 10 - 12, 2016
  Deaf Dirt &Dunes 

Pinnacles Staging Area
near Big Bear Lake, CA
(North of Lake Arrowhead)

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Pinnacles Staging Area
The Pinnacles Staging Area is located off of Highway 173 near Lake Arrowhead, CA in the San Bernardino National Forest.

Directions to Pinnacles from San Bernardino, CA (near Freeway 10)Los Angeles:
Pinnacles Staging Area (Mountaintop District–West): From
Highway 18, turn north on Daley Canyon Rd. (east of Rimforest).
Turn left on Highway 189. Turn right on Grass Valley Rd. and
continue past the golf course. Look for a sign indicating Grass
Valley Rd. turns left. Follow Grass Valley Rd. until it ends at
Highway 173. Turn left on Highway 173. Drive 1˝ -miles, turn
right on Forest Road 3N34 (Willow Creek Jeep Trail).

Better direction

From Freeway 91 and Tyler Street (Galleria Mall) to N. Waterman Ave,

using 91 North to 210 freeway East and

exit N. Waterman Ave turn left on 18 route going North - - 22 miles


From 210/18 route to intersection of 138 and 18 route -- 11.9 miles

After the intersection, using 18 Route East, passing Lake Gregory Drive 2.9 miles

Stay on 18 route from lake Gregory intersection of 18 to Daley Canyon Road 2.5 miles


Turn left to Daley Canyon Road and stay only .7 miles (less than one mile) turn left on 189.

from 189 route to 173 route for 5 miles.   Be sure to stay on Grass Valley Road


(Watch out the between 189 to 173,
2.5 miles
turn left on same road
for Grass Valley Road, stay on other 2.5 miles)


Hit 173 and turn left on 173 route for 1.5 miles
to entrance of dirt road for Pinnacle Staging Area.


Cost: ? dollars per night. If you have Golden Pass card (National Park), 50 percent off.
Day use: free if you have Golden Pass

Campground location Map of National Forest

5 Close Up Images of Map
see Pinnacle Staging Area

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