Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area
 (formerly Pismo Beach)

October 10-12, 2008


Oceano Dunes 2008 Beach Race and Festival

Central Coast Deafies 805's has been volunteering as track maintenance/flaggers,
bike rescue/ATV rescue two years at Oceano Dunes BeachRace and Festival.


The area is located in Oceano, three miles south of Pismo Beach off Highway 1.
One mile south on the beach from the Pier Avenue beach ramp is Post 2, a post
on the beach which marks the beginning of the OHV's riding area and
camping area (OHV's must be transported to this Post 2 before unloading).

of Oceano Dunes sites

Campgrounds on the beach
are at Pole 5 and Dunes Information Center

Please reserve the site or phone park
for more information: (805) 473-7223

Who will go

# Names:
1 Gerry Arca
2 Amy Bateham
3 Angelica Casertano
4 Colin Casertano
5 Nicoli Casertano
6 Rachael Casertano
7 Tristan Casertano
8 Cerina Covarrubias
9 Marc Davis
10 Paul Davis
11 Hannah Doty
12 Heather Doty
13 Linda Doty
14 Paul Doty
15 Marilyn Juarez
16 Karla Kirby
17 Jonathan Pivovaroff
18 Karen Pivovaroff
19 Verna Pivovaroff
20 Ryan Pope
21 Lawrence Roberts
22 Natalie Roberts
23 Paul Roberts
24 Grover Vincent
25 Heather West
25 .....Total of People

If you go, please fill out this form

If you have any question,
please feel free to email us, Gerry Arca

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