Hungry Valley     
State Vehicular Recreation Area (SVRA)
at Gorman, CA

May 26-29, 2006

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  Lane Ranch  Campground

Directions to Hungry Valley from Los Angeles:
From LA, Go north on I-5.  Exit
Smokey Bear Road (South Entrance, Steer Bones trail)
and go left under freeway and hit the "T" intersection (100 feet from the Freeway).  
Find the path down the dirt road. 
Stay on the road up to several miles to find the campground.

Directions to Hungry Valley from San Francisco:
From SF, Go south on I-5.  Exit
Gorman and go right under freeway and
go right the corner of McDonald for half mile to 1 mile and enter
the SVRA on the left and see the Ranger booth.  Stay on the road up to
several miles to find the  Lane Ranch campground

Cost: 10 dollars per night.  If you have disabled card, 50 percent off.

Campground location Map

Close up Map

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Who will go

# Names:
1 Reagan Anders
2 Carol Burns
3 Robert Burns
4 Carol Christopher
5 Newton Gray


Mike Higgins


Lily Hoover


Pete Hoover
9 Barry Katz
10 Jason Katz
11 Charles Katz
12 Ashley Katz
13 Baby Katz
14 Jax Levesque
15 Hetty Rothenberg
16 Justin Rothenberg
17 Sasha Sogolow
18 Paul T. Stefurak
19 Don Strom
20 Annie Utley
21 Janice Smith Warshaw
22 Jeremy Warshaw
22 .....Total of People

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more info, contact Paul Stefurak

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