Deaf Dirt &Dunes
Sand Toy Capital of the World
at Glamis, CA

April 2, 2013 - April 7, 2013

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Direction: Glamis is the Southern East of California ..... Imperial Sand Dunes Imperial Sand Dunes (Glamis/Gecko) Located 25 miles east of Brawley on Hwy 78. (suggestion: buy foods and gas at Brawley before going to camp). 6 miles from Glamis store, turn right on Gecko road. Turn left at loop of Gecko Camp from Gecko RD., Please find Paul Stefurak' site so u can park beside of him. Let's have fun ! I will be there on Friday late afternoon.

.. See you all, Paul Stefurak



 Close-up Glamis Map  

 New Imperial Sand Dunes Map

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  John Brewer    1   March 31 - April 8, 2013
  Mike Higgins and Kirk Murray   2   April 2 - April 7, 2013
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Who will go?  List
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