Dumont Dunes     

The Dumont Dunes Off-Highway Vehicle Area
(8,150 acres)

Album of 5 photos

October 5 - 8, 2007


Directions to Dumont Dunes from Los Angeles:
Interstate 15 to Baker, CA then north on Highway 127 for 33 miles
A roughly 2 mile dirt/gravel road will take you across a small stream and past
a Ranger Information/Pay station, and then up a plateau to the camping area.

see Dumont Dunes (open)

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Who will go

# Names:
1 Beryl Dannis
2 Jed Dannis
3 Joe Dannis
4 Jim Gumke
5 Barry Katz
6 Jason Katz
7 Ryan Pope
8 Jimmy Roessler
9 Janice Smith-Warshaw
10 Paul Stefurak
11 Scott Tiemstra
11 .....Total of People

more info, contact Coordinator, Barry Katz

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