Dumont Dunes     

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The Dumont Dunes Off-Highway Vehicle Area
(8,150 acres)

October 6-9, 2006


Directions to Dumont Dunes from Los Angeles:
Interstate 15 to Baker, CA then north on Highway 127 for 33 miles
A roughly 2 mile dirt/gravel road will take you across a small stream and past
a Ranger Information/Pay station, and then up a plateau to the camping area.

Pete Hoover plans to set up 40 foot light pole with orange freeway cone on
the top of the pole at the campground.  You know where the deaf group stays.

see Dumont Dunes (open)

More information about Dumont Dunes

Who will go

# Names:
1 John Brownlee
2 Carol Burns
3 Robert Burns
4 Colin Casertano
5 Rachael Casertano


Rudy Cerrilo


Carol Christopher
8 Jed Dannis
9 Joe Dannis
10 Newton Gray
11 Mal Grossinger
12 Meagan Higgins
13 Mike Higgins
14 Lily Hoover
15 Pete Hoover
16 Barry Katz
17 Jason Katz
18 Hetty Rothenberg
19 Bob Seccia
20 Elisa Seccia
21 Jackie Seccia
22 Tony Seccia
23 Paul Stefurak
24 Don Strom
25 Scott Tiemstra
26 Johntan Uribe
27 Janice Warshaw
28 Jeremy Warshaw
29 Amanda Yankilvich
30 Arthur Yankilvich
30 .....Total of People

If you go, please fill out this form

more info, contact Barry Katz

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