Southern California Deaf ORV

August 18, 2007
Food Court at Ontario Mills Outlet Mall

Meet there at Food Court on 1pm, eat and discuss what plan during the
 year of 2007 to 2008 (From Labor weekend to Memorial weekend).
you have monthly biking ride. So Paul, webmaster will gather your trip planning.
If you can't show up, you can email me with your information, so i can share that at meeting.
(The reason I pick the place is that there will be no limit of sitting and chatting for hours better
than restaurant they may complain for sitting too long)


Drive on Freeway 15 North and pass Freeway 10, there is first exit "4th St toward West",
On the 4th street, you will see Costco on the right side, first intersection,
Turn left on Buffalo Ave. there are parking lot, finding "
3C" parking area.
Gameworks is right there at
Entry 3.

Please bring your own calendar so the plan may not be conflicted.

See you all

People who will show up

# Name:
1 Gerry Arca
2 Dan Briones
3 Marilyn Juarez
4 Barry Katz
5 Breeann Katz
6 Ryan Pope
7 Kenneth Robertson
8 Bob Seccia
9 Paul T. Stefurak
10 Eric Valdemar
11 Janice Warshaw
12 Richard Weaver
12 .....Total of People

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