ATVing and Camping at Hungry Valley in Gorman, CA
On October 8, 1998, during the Columbus Day weekend, NCRAD hosted an ATVing and camping at Hungry Valley State Vehicular Recreation Area at Gorman, California, (60 miles north of Los Angeles).  Hungry Valley is 19,000 acres -- bigger than Hollister Hills SVRA (2,500 acres) in San Jose.  It has many 
trails.  The names are Cow Trail, Pronghorn Trail, Quail Pass Trail, Meadows Trail, Backbone Trail, Badlands Trail, Schmidt Ranch Trail, Road Runner Trail, and more.  Most of the trails are for novices; a few trails are for Advanced.  My last time visiting there was in 1985 and I found it much improved -- new picnic tables, shelters to protect from the sun and more than 8 campground names at 
Hungry Valley SVRA. 

(Carol Christopher thought 
she was a superwoman)
We picked one of the campgrounds and stayed over the weekend.  During the first two days the weather was not so good -- very cold and windy because of the high mountain.  The last two days it was perfect.  One man from Los Angeles, 
Paul Doty, spread the word around Los Angeles and attracted 13 people who came up to camp on a different campground, but we visited them.  I noticed there were much younger people, in their 30's, using dirtbikes.  They are very nice and easy going. 
     We decided to do this again next year during the Memorial Weekend and to camp on a specific one.  The name of the campground is Lane Ranch Campground. 
     See you all there! 
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