Hungry Valley, CA
in 1999 Memorial Week

Written by Paul Stefurak
     Hungry Valley State Vehicular Recreation Area (SVRA) was well designed for ORV (Off-Road Vehicles) and camping out.  Inland to the 5 Freeway on top of the Grapevine Pass about 30 minutes from LA is Hungry Valley, located near Gorman, CA, about 1 hour South of Bakersfield.  It has a mix of mountain trails and sand washes.

     Sergio Jackerson and I arrived on Monday evening with no problem.  We held 4 picnic tables for other deafies who were to come later.  The campgrounds are designed excellently, with shade-like carports with picnic tables.  A fluorescent lamp was hung up and gave us bright light during the night to see easily and chat.

     Deafies camped out there for a Memorial Week in 1999.  Last year a group of 13 people suggested that we camp at Lane Ranch Campground, one of many campgrounds in Hungry Valley.  Ironically, not one of those 13 people showed up this year, but 28 other new faces came.

     My old friend Tommy Garro surprised us at midnight when it was time for us to go to bed, but we kept chatting with him about showing off his car.  It is a Chevrolet Nova on a 4 by 4 frame and surely attracted lots of people to see him driving it.  He even followed us as we were ATVing along the trails.  He knew how to drive well on rugged trails.  He brought his third daughter along; she is hearing but signs very well with us.

     During the late afternoon, 11 people rode on my truck to a small creek and we dipped into the water to cool us off.

     One practice trail is for people who want to challenge it.  Tommy tried to challenge it but failed because of weak automatic transmission.

     Our group had a total of 7 ATVs, 1 dirtbike, and 2 4x4 vehicles.  I believe the group grows every time.

     The last day of our stay in Hungry Valley, 5 people were ATVing for the last time.  When we approached our camping site, one uphill trail was difficult to drive up but I found a better trail so we could drive up easily.  John Jacobsen didn't see where the trail was -- he drove on a different way to a difficult uphill trail and -- sure enough -- he fell from his ATV to the ground.  It was only a 3-foot fall but it hit him hard and hurt him; he got bruises on the right back of his body.  His ATV was fine, not him.  Poor him!

     Next day we drove back home with so many good  memories.

Photos shown:
Badland trails
Beautiful Cliffs
Tom Garro's Hobby

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